Yosemite and surrounding Area

Mariposa Farmhouse is located in rural Mariposa County. There are no regularly opened stores or businesses near our BnB. In Mariposa just 12 minutes south by car and there are a variety of stores and restaurants, including a health food store and deli. Just west of Mariposa there is a rock shop where you can find some local minerals and even ask about local rock and mineral hunting.

Because the pace in Mariposa is slower than large cities, you will find that shop owners and people you meet on the street are willing to take the time to have a conversation with you. This is one of my favorite things about this area.

Public transportation access to Mariposa is a bus from Merced called YARTS. The same bus also serves Yosemite National Park which is about 1 hour east of Mariposa. You can get to Merced from other large cities by Amtrak. If you fly your own plane we can pick you up from the Mariposa-Yosemite airport just 7 minutes away.


Located 1 hour east of Mariposa

image via http://tourists360.com/yosemite-national-park/

Located 15 minutes south of the Mariposa Farmhouse. Features many shops, restaurants, and modern conveniences.

The town of Mariposa, CA

Located just south of the town of Mariposa. Check them out Here

Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch

For an adrenaline boost try whitewater rafting. Multiple rivers and companies to explore. Check out Zephyr or OARS

Yosemite Rafting

There seems to be a little bit of a gold rush going on, read up Here. Try it out with Gold Fever Prospecting. 

Yosemite gold panning

A 5 minute drive will get you to the base of this hike to Williams Peak. About 35 minutes up a modest incline will get you to the top of the world with 360 views of the Sierra Nevada’s and even Yosemite in the distance! Read more about this hike Here

View from Mariposa Williams peak

A 7 minute drive will bring you to this fun lake. Boat, kayak, or jetski! Read more Here

Lake McClure

Often in late summer there are great swimming holes along the Merced River.  Some of the best swimming is near Briceburg.  Please be careful,  in  early summer the river can be too fast and high for swimming.

6 responses to “Yosemite and surrounding Area

  1. Just noticed today that your cute B&B linked to my blog – thanks! I hope you are safe from the McClure Lake fire that started recently.

  2. John Walck

    It would be very helpful if you had your address, email & phone number on your site, that is if you actually want guests…..

    • I appreciate your comment. Our phone and contact info had been hard to find under “About>The Property”. I have changed the link to “About>Mariposa Farmhouse Info”. I think this will be easier to find. We are happy to answer questions or even take reservations by phone. Our preference is for guests to book through Airbnb since its easier and usually faster.

  3. laura wallace

    Is there a tour company in the area we could use to schedule time in Yosemite?

    • There is a tour company in Mariposa called Yosemite Close Up Tours. Out of 104 reviews, 98 are 5 star reviews. There are also tours starting in the park given by rangers. There is a two hour Valley Floor tour. A four hour Glacier Point tour, and a all day Tuolumne Meadows Tour. All ranger bus tours are listed on the NPS.GOV website. Some of these tours are not available in the winter.

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