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Late Spring Snow

Winter is a time for stoking the wood burning stoves,  skiing at Yosemite’s Badger Pass and exploring the gold country around us.  Snow in the foothills around Mariposa Farmhouse is a rare and usually melts in a couple days.  The image below was from March 2012.

Spring daffodils

Early Spring Dafodills

In Springtime, there is green grass everywhere, flowers sprouting up, including yellow and white dafodills, blue iris and  numerous fruit trees in blossom.
In summer all the oak trees leaf-out,  the grass turns to a golden brown and its time for refreshing in the cool waters of nearby Merced River. You can access the river along Highway 140, 35 minutes east of us, or on Highway 49 at Bagby Park, 15 minutes north of us.





Merced River Near Briceburg (Hwy 140)

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